2019-20 SR Team Awards

With the conclusion of the 2019-2020 season, we at Screecher Report decided to put together a list of awards for the year. This, henceforth, will be an annual tradition known as the “SR Awards”. You’ll notice that some of these awards are done in satire and good fun, while others are more traditional. Regardless, a lot of thought and consideration was put into the categories and their subsequent designated winners. Below we will list the SR Award titles along with a description of their qualifications, then list the winner and give a brief blurb about what they did to earn the prestigious honor. Let’s get started!

“Brandon Goodwin” MVP

Given to the player deemed to have had the best overall season for the Eagles.

Caleb Catto

Caleb Catto emerged as the top performer for the Eagles this season. He ended up starting every game (32) for the Eagles this year, averaging 32 minutes a night. He also averaged a team high 13 points to go along with 4 rebounds and about 3 assists. Catto played well all year but really came into his own by season’s end. In conference play, he posted averages of 15 points, 4 rebounds, and 2 assists.

Biggest surprise

Given to the player whose role and impact farthest exceeded early season expectations.

Cyrus Largie

As a freshman and a walk-on, nobody expected Largie to even play, let alone earn a few starting nods late in the season. Watching highlights during last off-season, you could see that he possessed some talent. Still, walk-ons have seldom seen then floor in situations other than mop-up duty. Largie surprised the coaches, his teammates, and fans, alike as he earned more and more playing time, eventually becoming part of the regular rotation of guards. He finished the season averaging 4 points and 2 rebounds while shooting 52% from the floor and 56% from beyond the arc.

6th Man

Given to the player who provided a consistent spark off the bench while starting less than half of the games in which they appeared.

Cyrus Largie

As said, Largie’s contribution was a big surprise. But not only did he contribute in unexpected ways, he earned more and more playing time as the season went on. Largie ended up appearing in 25, making 4 starts. By season’s end, he had firmly cracked the guard rotation. Over the final 7 games, Largie averaged 7 points and 4 rebounds while shooting 51% from the floor and 67% from 3. He truly became a guy who could come in off the bench, establish a toughness, set the tone defensively, and contribute in a multitude of areas.

Most Improved

Awarded to the player who made the most significant strides and development from the prior season to now.

Caleb Catto

Another obvious choice here. Caleb Catto went from starting 0 games as a freshman to starting 32 as a sophomore and becoming the leader on the team. He increased his points per game by 9, going from 4 to 13 in just one season. Catto found himself taking ownership of the team and proving that his game can grow even further.

“Zach Johnson” Freshman of the Year

Granted to the individual who had the best overall season among freshmen.

Dakota Rivers

Rivers had an interesting season full of peaks and valleys. He played in 30 games, making 0 starts and averaging about 13 minutes per contest. Rivers led all rookies with 4.4 points and 2.4 rebounds and even led the team with 39 blocks in the year.

Brightest Future

Awarded to the player who showed signs of having the highest ceiling and brightest future.

Dakota Rivers

To continue, Rivers showed an immense amount of potential, despite not playing a whole lot. Aside from leading the team in blocks, he had several performances that really showcased what type of player that he is bound to become. He scored in double digits 4 times on the year, pouring in 18 for his season high. Rivers also recorded his first career double-double late in the year against, conference foe, NJIT, finishing with 10 points and 13 rebounds. He also showed a developing 3-point shot. That is sure to become a larger part of his game.

Dunk City

Awarded to the individual most known for their dunking prowess, whether due to high volume, a memorable moment, and or flashy ability.

Justus Rainwater

Could this award really go to anyone else? From the moment he stepped on campus, to the moment fans witnessed his first dunk, Rainwater was a lock for this title. He, no doubt, led the team in dunks and also won in style points as he sought to rip the rim off the basket every chance he got. As Justus enters his senior year, fans can expect him to see even more of that going forward.

Fly’s Guy

Awarded to the individual mentioned, by name, by Coach Michael Fly most frequently in the post game press conferences.

Caleb Catto

By the end of the season, Caleb Catto was all the talk around FGCU basketball. The media had questions about his progress and Coach Fly was not shy about speaking to his improvements. Catto was mentioned, by name, by Coach Fly 27 times in post game press conferences, giving him the designation of “Fly’s Guy” for the 2019-20 season.

“Christian Terrell” Do-It-All

Awarded to the player who most proved to possess a wide skill set and the ability to help the team in a variety of ways.

Tracy Hector Jr.

Tracy Hector Jr. had quite an interesting story this year. He was the only senior on the team but also playing in his first year at FGCU. It was later reported that he came in with an existing injury that ended up progressing, forcing Hector to be held out of practice and only play in the games. If the public were not made aware of this, they never would have guessed because Hector Jr. showed an impressive array of talents and knowledge of the game. Without the ability to practice with the team, he was still able to man the point and orchestrate the offense at times. He demonstrated a high IQ, solid passing ability, and proved to be a tenacious rebounder. He finished the season averaging just 3 points, 4 rebounds, and 2 assists but helped out in so many different ways. Hector Jr. had at least 5 assists on 6 different occasions and at least 5 rebounds 12 times.

“Bernard Thompson” Lockdown

Awarded to the player who played the best defense over the course of the season.

Zach Scott

It was an interesting year for Zach Scott, with a lot of ups and downs. One thing that remained consistent for him, was his solid defensive play and his penchant for racking up steals. He lead the team with 43 steals (4th in ASUN) and was rarely out of place in the defensive rotation.

“Brett Comer” Assists

Awarded to the player who lead the team in assists.

Jalen Warren

FGCU has been without a true point guard for a couple seasons now. Jalen Warren filled that role nicely for the Eagles this season. The beginning of the year, in particular, saw Warren struggled at times as he transitioned to D-I ball. Still, he was able to effectively man the point and grow noticeably more comfortable as the season went on. This translated into more assists and better outcomes for him and his teammates on the court. Warren led the team with 120 assists on the year, good for about 4 per game.

Best Newcomer

Awarded to the individual, who’s on-court services were new to the team, that made the biggest impact.

Jalen Warren

Jalen Warren proved that he could not only hang with D-I competition, but that he could dominate at times. He made a name for himself at points during the season by being the main option late in games and in overtime. Going forward, Warren has a chance to be a real leader on the team for his senior season.

Best Shoe Game

Awarded to the individual who sported the best shoe game, night in and night out.

Zach Scott

Zach Scott takes the cake this season as he sported the Squidwards in the Kyrie SpongeBob line of footwear.

Biggest Fan / Dirty Bird

Awarded to our most loyal Twitter follower. This account showed support for Screecher Report brand by consistently following our content.

Aquinas Basketball

Aquinas Basketball (The official Twitter page for St. Thomas Aquinas High School Basketball) has been a significant supporter on social media for us all season, regardless of how the team was performing. Aquinas Basketball, no doubt, took a vested interest in our program after blessing FGCU with a potential future scout team legend in Lenny Rica. We wish their program the best and thank them for the support by bestowing them with this designation.

Mahoney/Bleecher Scout Team Legend

Granted to the player who most closely exemplifies the dedication and commitment shown by scout team legends of the past.

Ryan Rocuant

The genius, Ryan Rocuant is the clear winner here. The scout team got limited opportunities this season. However, when Rocuant got his opportunity, he didn’t disappoint. He appeared in 4 games, making 1 start. In his 1 start, Rocuant won the tip, raced down the court and converted a textbook shot over 2 opposing players. Those 2 points on one shot attempt gave Rocuant the highest FG% in NCAA basketball (minimum 1 attempt). Also, his per 36 for the game came out to be 72 points. We wish the best for Rocuant in whatever his future holds. No doubt, he will be remembered as a scout team legend for years to come.

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