Ep. 56: FGCU Falls to UNA and Discussion of Recent Struggles

Russell and Elliott are back and hoping to do their part to help the team during this rut that the Eagles have found themselves in. FGCU is 1-7 since the last S/R episode dropped so the fellas are looking for the tides to turn. They discuss the equally devastating and fun, OT loss to UNA, and the team’s overall struggles. Listen in and tell your friends! Wings up and go Eagles!

Ep. 55: UNF Domination and Early Conference Play Discussion

The Screechers are back as FGCU vs. UNF fades to black once again. Elliott and Russell talk about a dominating victory over the Ospreys and touch on this early portion of the conference season.

Ep. 54: Canisius Victory Reaction and Non-Con Wrap-Up

The Screechers are at full strength as Russell and Elliott are joined by Dawson. The fellas give their reactions to a really fun FGCU dub over Canisius and share their thoughts on the non-conference season, as it comes to a close. Listen in as you enjoy your holiday season! Wings up!

Ep. 53: FGCU Gets That Dub in 74-65 Victory Over FIU

Zach Anderson continues to impress… Caleb Catto gets back to form… Franco Miller Jr. is a dog… Coach Chambers is HIM… All that and more as Elliott and Russell give their gut reactions to another “dub” for the now 7-2 FGCU Eagles.

Ep. 52: Breaking Down FGCU’s 81-50 Loss to Tennessee

The fellas react to a tough early season loss to Tennessee

Ep. 51: Breakdown of FGCU’s 6-Point Loss to San Diego and Looking Ahead to Ave Maria

The guys give their gut reactions after a painful loss to San Diego.

Ep. 50: FGCU Men’s Hoops Upsets USC – Post-Game Pod

Russell and Elliott give their raw reactions from the huge, season-opening “Dub” over USC!

Ep. 49: 4th Annual Gut Gamble Pod for the 2022-23 Season

It’s gut-check time for Elliott, Russell, and Dawson as they celebrate 3 full years of Screecher Report, the only way they know how…. The 4th annual Gut Gamble. Listen in as the Screechers give you their raw, under-researched (but totally accurate) W/L predictions for the upcoming season.

Ep. 48: Interview with FGCU Men’s Hoops Coach Patrick Chambers

Elliott and Russell are back in studio for a long-awaited interview with FGCU Men’s Basketball Head Coach, Patrick Chambers.

Ep. 47: Dusting Off the Mics and Interview w/Cyrus Largie

The fellas get back in the studio for a long-awaited interview with S/R favorite, Cyrus Largie.

Ep. 46: NBA Banter, FGCU MBB Workout Impressions, and an All-FGCU (D1) Men’s Hoops Fantasy Draft

Elliott and Russell are back in studio! They’re joined by edit-extraordinaire Dawson to give their impressions from a recent FGCU Men’s Hoops workout that they attended. The screechers wrap things up with another fantasy draft; this one choosing past MBB players from the D1 era. Listen in and don’t forget to eat your veggies!

Ep. 45: Off-Season Talk, Fantasy Draft, and Interview Feat Josiah Shackleford

Elliott and Russell talk some minor off-season news and test their armchair coaching skills in a fantasy draft based on the (current) 2022-23 Men’s Basketball roster. Later, they are joined by FGCU Men’s Hoops Newcomer, Josiah “Shack” Shackleford.

Ep. 44: Interviews with Newest FGCU MBB Commits Isaiah Thompson and Sam Onu

Elliott and Russell are in-studio again for light discussion and interviews with the 2 newest Eagle Hoopers, Isaiah Thompson & Sam Onu.

Ep. 43: FGCU Men’s Hoops News and Interview feat. Chase Johnston

We’re back after what we’re sure felt like an eternity! Elliott and Russell discuss FGCU Men’s Hoops news, including recent coaching hires, transfers, and several new additions to the team. Stick around for an interview with FGCU’s newest commit, Chase Johnston, who is a big-time get for Coach Chambers as he fills out his roster.

Ep. 42: FGCU Women’s & Men’s Tournament Games and Coach Pat Chambers Introductory Presser

Russell and Elliott talk Men’s and Women’s basketball and each of their respective tournament games this week. The gents also give their initial reactions to the hiring of Coach Pat Chambers to take over the Men’s team. Listen through the end for the audio of his introductory press conference. 

EP. 41: MBB Coaching Search, WBB Championship Talk, & Interview w/Ken Kavanaugh

Russell and Elliott sit down for a chat with FGCU Athletic Director, Ken Kavanaugh, amidst his search to fill the Men’s Basketball coaching vacancy. Listen in for an informative discussion about that process, the state of the ASUN, and the upcoming Women’s Basketball championship game. 

EP. 40: End of Fly Era / 22′ Season Wrap-Up

Russell and Elliott react to the breaking news of FGCU and Coach Fly parting ways, discuss the season on the whole, and speculate on the future of the team.

Ep. 39: Regular Season Wrap-Up / ASUN Tourney Preview – FGCU Wins 76-69 Over JU

Elliott and Russell give their take on FGCU Men’s Hoops’ 76-69 win over JU, the success of the regular season at large, and the team’s momentum heading into the ASUN tournament. Listen through through the end for the post-game presser feat. Caleb Catto and Head Coach Michael Fly. 

Ep. 38: FGCU vs. Lipscomb / World of Beer Watch Party Post-Game Pod – Eagles win 77-68

After a fun and successful watch party at World of Beer, Russell and Elliott give their impressions and and opinions about FGCU’s exciting come-back win over Lipscomb on 2/5/22.

Ep. 37: Non-Conference Wrap-Up / ASUN Outlook

Elliott and Russell get back in the studio to wrap up the non-conference portion of the season and lightly preview upcoming ASUN play. Listen in as the guys discuss their impressions and projections of/for the team. Wings up and happy holidays!

Ep. 36: Hilton Garden Inn FGCU Invitational – Post Tournament Pod – FGCU Sweeps the Competition

The guys break down FGCU’s recent sweep, winning 3 games in as many days. Listen to hear their impressions and a brief look forward to the upcoming FIU game. 

Ep. 35: FGCU vs. URI Post-Game Reaction – Eagles Win 67-66

Russell and Dawson can’t contain their excitement over FGCU Men’s Hoops’ big win over Rhode Island. They give their initial impressions of the action in this post-game pod! Tune in and get excited with us!

Ep. 34: FGCU vs. USC Post-Game Reaction Pod

The guys give their initial reactions to FGCU’s 78-61 loss to USC. There’s a lot to be excited about and plenty to work on. Most importantly, Go Eagles!

Ep. 33: Dunk City Reunion Pod feat. Eric McKnight, Eddie Murray, Andy Enfield, and Michael Fly

The guys reminisce on the Sweet 16 run and how much it meant to them as students, while briefly giving their impressions of the recent game against Loyola Chicago and looking forward to USC. Stick around for interviews with Dunk City guys; Eric McKnight, Eddie Murray, Andy Enfield, and Michael Fly. 

Ep. 32: Post-Game Pod – FGCU: 94 – FNU: 57

The three amigos are back at it again after an opening game victory. Listen in as they briefly break down what they saw from the opening night action. Wings Up! ***** ****!

Ep. 31: LIVE from Alico – 3rd Annual “Gut Gamble”

Russell, Elliott, and another OG Screecher (Dawson) bring you the return of the 3rd annual “Gut Gamble” podcast, live from inside Alico Arena. The guys run through the upcoming FGCU Men’s Hoops schedule, making gut-feeling, minimally researched predictions for each game. You should definitely take our word for it. The fellas also welcome a guest appearance from 2000s pop icon, Vanessa Carlton. Listen in and enjoy 3 dudes, 1 pod!

Ep. 30: LIVE from Alico – Post-Practice Pod feat. Michael Fly & Caleb Catto

Elliott makes his return to the pod as he and Russell got a first-hand look at the FGCU Men’s Basketball team. Listen to their initial impressions of the squad and stick around for interviews with Head Coach Michael Fly and Caleb Catto.

Ep. 29 – Off-Season Update #10 Feat. Dakota Rivers

Russell flies solo again but returns to the nest to catch up with rising junior, Dakota Rivers. Listen in as they discuss some FGCU legends, TikTok fame, basketball, and more! Stay tuned for further episodes and accompanying articles!

Ep. 28 – Off-Season Update #9 Feat. Kendall Spray

While Elliott seeks the acceptance of a pack, Russell is the lone wolf in this episode. Join in as he welcomes FGCU Women’s Basketball newcomer, Kendall Spray to the pod in anticipation of the upcoming Nest Newcomers: Women’s Edition article.

Ep. 27 – Off-Season Update #8 Feat. Kevin Samuel

On this 27th episode of Screecher Report. Russell and Elliott discuss a recent FGCU Men’s Hoops scheduling addition followed by an interview with the newest Eagle, Kevin Samuel. Listen in as every download gets Elliott closer to freedom from his cellular confinement. 

Ep. 26 – Off-Season Update #7 Feat. Brian Ross (ASUN Pros) & Tavian Dunn Martin

Russell rides solo as Elliott is on sabatical, searching for mythical beasts. This 26th episode of Screecher Report features guest interviews with Brian Ross of ASUN Pros and Tavian Dunn-Martin of FGCU Men’s Hoops.

Ep. 25 – Off-Season Update #6 Feat. Austin Richie

Russell and Elliott continue their tomfoolery in the 25th episode of the Screecher Report Podcast. The fellas talk some NBA and give their take on the new Space Jam. Later, FGCU Men’s Hoops newcomer, Austin Richie joins the pod!

Ep 24 – Off-Season Update #5 feat. Carlos Rosario

The guys are back again on a weekly basis for the rest of the off-season. This time, they chat about the recent schedule announcements and also welcome FGCU Men’s Hoops newcomer, Carlos Rosario to the pod.

Ep. 23 – Off-Season Update #4 feat. Matt Halvorsen

Russell and Elliott can’t complain as their off-season continues with another guest interview. This time, the Screechers touch on the state of the roster before chatting with FGCU Men’s Hoops newcomer Matt Halvorsen. 

Ep. 22 – Off-Season Update #3 feat. Zach Johnson

Russell & Elliott are back in studio to discuss the latest FGCU basketball news and for a chat with an FGCU Men’s hoops legend in Zach Johnson.

2021 Off-Season Update #2 feat. Brian Thomas & Brett Fritz

Russell and Elliott are back at it again with the white Asics. They discuss new signing and the 3 new programs that will be joining the ASUN. The Screechers are then joined by former FGCU big-man Brian Thomas & an FGCU Basketball founder, Brett Fritz.

2021 Off-Season Update and Interview w/Michael Fly

Elliott and Russell are back in the studio after quite some time! The Screechers talk endorsement deals, advertising, general off-season news, and have a brief catch-up with Coach Michael Fly.

20-21′ Season Preview ft. Michael Fly – 11.20.20

Hello, Eagles fans!!! We are back after a little hiatus, but just in time to get a new season preview pod up for your ear holes! We’re excited to see the young bucks suit back up in the blue and green and have high hopes that this season will be looking up! Join us as we get prepped for the 20-21′ season.

Off-Season Summer Series – ASUN Commissioner Ted Gumbart – 8.18.20

We got the chance to sit down and talk w/ ASUN Commissioner, Ted Gumbart, and chat about the state of the ASUN, the current status of collegiate sports, and the competition the ASUN has consistently been bringing to the table in recent years as it continues to grow and expand. Lots of good content in this one! 

Off-Season Summer Series – Justus Rainwater – 8.5.20

Senior big man, Justus Rainwater, joins us on the pod on a rainy night in SWFL… coincidence? I think not. Tune in as we talk basketball, sushi, and the leadership role Justus will be embracing as he enters his senior season at FGCU.

Off-Season Summer Series – Caleb Catto – 7.22.20

Back with another Summer Series pod! This time, we’re joined by the man Caleb Catto himself. We find out his favorite music artist, off-season activities, and goals for this upcoming season. 

Off-Season Summer Series – Ryan Rocuant – 6.27.20

What’s up Eagles fans?! We sat down and chatted with scout team legend, Ryan Rocuant, and talked FGCU basketball, the inside details of a college scout-teamer, and how post-graduation life has been going. 

Off-Season Summer Series – Brett Comer – 5.28.20

Us and Brett Comer have at least one thing in common – we both feel old when we realize we’ve been away from FGCU for 5+ years… Join us as we sit down and chat with a Dunk City legend! We talk life after FGCU, Dayton’s stunted success, and a moment that not many people might know about from that Sweet 16 run. 

Off-Season Summer Series – Dana Caldwell – 5.20.20

We’re back with another off-season episode joined by special guest and former sports editor, Dana Caldwell. Dana the better part of the last decade covering FGCU sports and shares with us some of his favorite memories and times at FGCU and his thoughts on the state of the men’s team for next season. WE NEED SPORTS BACK.

Off-Season Pod – Michael Fly Interview – 3.29.20

Tune in as we chat w/ FGCU Men’s Basketball Head Coach, Michael Fly. We talk COVID-19 impacts, newcomers to the squad, transfers, expectations for 2020, and more. Huge thanks to Coach Fly for joining us. 

E8 – Season Finale – 3.9.20

Gentlemen… gentle women… and gentle creatures of the Earth. Welcome. Russell and Elliott wrap up the season and talk FGCU’s 1st round exit in the ASUN Tourney. We also give out our first annual SR Awards! Join us.

E7 – Regular Season Recap – 3.1.20

WE’RE BAAAAACK! Russell and Elliott break down the last couple games of the season and do a brief recap of the regular season while looking ahead to the ASUN Tourney.

Photo Mar 01, 7 43 58 PM

E4 – Hilton Garden Inn FGCU Classic Recap & FIU Preview – 12.1.19

Join Russell & Elliott as we recap the last few games as part of the Hilton Garden Inn FGCU Classic Tournament. We also form a Plan B for Russell in case this media gig doesn’t work out… Head out for a brisk morning jog and tune in!

Photo Dec 02, 10 09 20 PM

E3 – Turnover Turmoil at VCU; Final Thoughts on Stellar Comeback vs. FAU – 11.23.19

Elliott, Russell, & Dawson sit down and recap FGCU’s incredible first win against FAU at home, but cry a little at the thought of the VCU Rams. The Eagles still have a lot to figure out!

Photo Nov 24, 4 06 42 PM

FGCU @ Dartmouth (Post-Pod) – 11.11.19

[POST-GAME POD] – FGCU leaves Hanover with yet another loss, losing to Dartmouth in a low-scoring game. No cosmic powers to behold.

E2 – UMBC Final Thoughts, Dartmouth Preview, and Re-Kindling the Mercer Rivalry – 11.10.19

The guys talk final thoughts on the UMBC home opener, cosmic powers, and look ahead to Dartmouth and Mercer. Also – Happy Birthday shoutout to Russell!!!

UMBC @ FGCU (Post-Pod) – 11.9.19

[POST-GAME POD] – The Eagles lose a tough one to UMBC in their home opener. We discuss our post-game thoughts following the game.

FGCU @ Saint Louis (Post-Pod) – 11.5.19

[POST-GAME POD] – Our initial impressions and thoughts immediately following FGCU’s season opener at Saint Louis. The Billikens beat the Eagles, 89-67. A lot of positives to build off of, but FGCU has some work to do.

E1 – DCAD Recap, Saint Louis Preview, & Gut Gamble

In our first full length podcast we discuss our DCAD impressions, bash UNF a little bit, talk first game of the season, and give our way-too-early, gut feeling outcomes on each game of the year, based on nothing but BS and past experiences. Grab a White Claw and join us!

E0.5 – Pre-Pod Debut – 10.24.19

Join your hosts Elliott, Russell and Dawson as we delve into our thoughts on this upcoming season and talk about our hype for Dunk City After Dark.