About Us

Hello and welcome to Screecher Report! We are comprised of four FGCU alumni who each have a passion for our Eagles on the court. As fans, we had an insatiable appetite for news regarding FGCU basketball. Rather than wait for content, we decided to create our own. And thus, Screecher Report was born! Here, you will find our opinions, reactions, feelings, and analysis on everything pertaining to FGCU hoops. 

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Meet the Screechers

Russell Kelly

Russell attended FGCU from 2011 to 2015, when he graduated with a degree in Social Work. Roles: Writer/Graphic Editor/Podcast Producer/Social Media. Favorite Teams: Chicago Bears/Bulls/White Sox/Blackhawks/FGCU. Passions/Pastimes: Harry Potter/Marvel/Star Wars, Cinema, Music, Trivia, Brewery-going, etc.

Elliott Kresse

Elliott attended FGCU from 2011 to 2016 and graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering. Roles: Music Producer/Podcast Producer/Photographer/ Content Creator. Teams: Rays/Bucs/Lightning/FGCU. Passions/Passtimes: Making music/Playing drums/Traveling/Photography